Healthcare Consultative Selling™ 


Healthcare Consultative Selling(HCS)  is a healthcare-specific methodology based on validated principles and standards of sales communication used by seasoned business development executives who engage with high level professionals. Over years of research and development, Harkins Associates has adapted these standards and principles to the healthcare services environment to benefit business development staff, physician liaisons, physician relations specialists, and ACO network developers and contact managers. 

The Healthcare Consultative Selling™ method advances understanding of the physician’s (or other providers) goals and challenges using language skills and strategies that promote open dialogue, trust, influence and long-term partnerships.  

Harkins Associates clients and seminar attendees using our HCS method can gain access to physicians by interacting differently with front desk staff, confidently initiate and advance discussions with physicians, and ultimately build long-term referral loyalty and network alliances. HCS can significantly improve conversations and outcomes with providers as well as other healthcare decision-makers.

Unlike some more traditional forms of selling, Healthcare Consultative Selling™ does not rely on gimmicks, manipulation, a recitation of service features and benefits or jargon. HCS uses clinical and policy language, conversation-style communication skills, questioning that stimulates dialogue and deeper insights, value illustrations and behaviors that are known to build trust.

Consultants with Harkins Associates, the exclusive provider of the Healthcare Consultative Selling™ Seminar have significant experience in training program design and development and in instructional facilitation. We have a deep understanding of adult learning principles, have participated in countless train-the-trainer programs and our firm’s principal, Kathleen Harkins has a career-long background in healthcare.


Our training programs and consulting services result in measurable improvements in staff performance and in the outcomes they can achieve.