Coaching brings out the best in individuals. When used in combination with instructing, it can significantly improve performance and productivity. Coaching can accelerate learning and when done with skill and understanding, encourages creativity and allows for the emergence of hidden talents of sales people.

Executive Coaching

Harkins Associates provides one-on-one coaching for managers and executives to help them achieve both professional and personal goals. Each assignment is developed specific to the needs of the individuals. Some benefits include:

Coaching Skills Training

The Coaching Skills training program is for managers, directors and others who are responsible for the skill development and performance improvement of the sales staff. The organization maximizes its’ investment in sales managers through providing them with the tools to coach, mentor, and motivate sales people to achieve top performance.

This program will help Managers:


“This latest session [reinforcement] really pulled everything together”. Using the consultative sell in the field is really clicking now and my relationships with physicians are stronger than ever!”

Physician Liaison
Health System hospital