Training for Sales Managers
Level I: Key Functions of sales Management 

Level II: ensuring a winning sales team: A Leadership seminar 

Level I: Key Functions of Sales Management is offered for newly assigned or promoted managers responsible for direct line sales people. The material provided in this training is best suited for individuals who have experience selling, and can be tailored for managers (clinical, marketing and/or operations managers) who have responsibility for the sales or liaison staff. Topics include: understanding the basics of selling, principles of sales management, interviewing skills and hiring high-potential people, creating a sales plan, basic sales coaching skills, and establishing expectations and reporting mechanisms.

Level II: Ensuring a Winning Sales Team: A Leadership Seminar is for individuals who are experienced sales managers/directors/ vps or organization leaders charged with overseeing Sales or Business Development. This level II seminar focuses on sales performance improvement, creating and facilitating a successful sales meeting, recognizing the cause of performance problems, and assigning the correct  solutions, developing sales and account plans, and learning to manage a sales program when you have multiple areas of responsibility.


Our sales training programs and consulting services result in measurable improvements in sales performance and in sales revenue