As you work to strengthen the results from your sales program, Harkins Associates can assist you with the following sales management activities:

• Assist in developing healthcare programs and packaged solutions to sell to employers and translate goals into sales forecasts
• Define sales organization structure specific to your organization, and your needs and challenges
• Create hiring criteria for sales or physician liaison staff and/or sales managers
• Implement strategies for accessing “hard-to-see” referral sources and customers
• Identify growth potential within each customer segment
• Determine and analyze all competitive alternatives to your services and products and help you leverage your differentiating factors
• Evaluate and monitor the sales cycle and program performance
• Unify the development efforts of the internal and external staff

Customer-Centric Messaging

Often times sales staff have difficulty using product and marketing language in their face-to-face sales meetings with customers / referral sources. Harkins Associates works directly with your service development and/or marketing staff to define the specific links between what you do and what customers need; we then create compelling, customer-centric messaging that best supports the selling conversation with customers. The result is a strong, clear communication of product and service solutions that customers understand and value.

We also offer Assessment Services


“Kathleen Harkins worked as a consultant for and with me for more than 8 years. During that time she was engaged in many different projects and initiatives, each project was completed with care and precision. Her expertise in sales training, and her ability to assist in uncovering potential customers and tapping into new markets resulted in steady increases in both proposal activity and new business sales. At the same time Kathleen worked very well with both the sales staff and senior staff members which greatly contributed to the sales success that was achieved.”

Vice President Sales and Marketing
Dental Plan Company


"Kathy ran a one-day retreat with a marketing focus for our internal clinicians and outside salespeople, who had differing ideas about what our marketing approach should be. Kathy worked with the group to bring everybody to the same page about how we should approach marketing. She kept the group actively involved, and we left that day with a better united team."

Chief Executive Officer
Rehabilitation Company