Training for Sales Staff Level I & II

Harkins Associates will conduct a review of any current entry-level training program. We will examine existing training content, delivery approaches and learning methodologies. We will also use this review to better understand the company, your services – strengths and unique differences, and sales challenges so that these issues can be incorporated into your sales process, and trainings.

Post-review, we tailor the Harkins Associates sales methodology to your organization. Our methodology has been developed specifically for the healthcare industry. Although there are similarities to other industries, the differences in the healthcare industry are significant enough to warrant a unique approach. As examples – the third-party payer system, the hospital administrator’s dual priority of ROI and patient care, the regulatory environment, and the decades of volatility, Our methodology draws upon best practices in sales development.

Level I – The entry-level program is designed for individuals new to sales, such as a clinical person taking on the role of Physician Liaison. This program provides an introduction to healthcare sales, principles of selling, prospecting, understanding buying behavior of referral source, such as physician, discharge planner, basic sales planning and tracking, and basic selling skills such as qualifying, questioning and closing the call.

Level II – This advanced training program builds on the skills of Level I, and is designed for individuals who have had a basic sales training course, have been in a healthcare sales role for at least two years, are selling at a higher-level, such as large employer group or organization executives, and/or find themselves with a limited toolkit of skills, such as tactical responses to customers. This program advances a consultative sales approach, teaches a strategic approach to the decision-maker and buying influencers, developing value, competitive differentiation, and how to create dialogue around the customer’s objectives, problems, and needs.

In our work with experienced sales professionals, we know that advanced selling programs are most successful when they are designed to be highly interactive, closely match real-world sales environment, incorporate competitive knowledge and situations, and acknowledge participants’ existing skills and success while providing opportunities and motivation to stretch to a more effective level of performance.


Our sales training programs and consulting services result in measurable improvements in sales performance and in sales revenue