Peter Hayes first gained acclaim as a writer and communicator twenty-five years ago when he wrote and published, The Supreme Adventure, an insightful book on self-discovery, personal growth and human potential. After reading the book, I (Kathleen Harkins) attended one of Mr. Hayes’s communication seminars and learned that his oral communication skills and capabilities as teacher and coach equaled his genius as a writer.

Using relatable examples of workplace interactions, Mr. Hayes masterfully simplifies complex concepts of human nature, need and conflict,  and shares accessible solutions for creating collaboration, team building, and how to effectively communicate with all types of personalities and internal workplace behaviors.

Over the years Mr. Hayes has maintained an active schedule of writing, conducting internal communication and leadership seminars and consulting with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, healthcare organizations, and non-profit agencies in internal communication planning, internal focus groups, and staff communication assessments. The bottom line: He helps your people communicate with each other to assure accuracy and avoid errors.

With his powerful intellect, deep insights into communication and natural understanding of human nature, Mr. Hayes is able to cut through confusion, talk truth to receptive leaders, and empower others to interact clearly, build collaboration and where needed, initiate real change.

In recent years, Mr. Hayes has been a sought-after consultant for healthcare businesses and hospital and health system leaders.

In addition to his work with corporations and non-profit organizations, Mr. Hayes has published several books, and written articles on business, and human potential and growth, published in a wide variety of publications. The author of two novels, his prize-winning fiction has also appeared in The Atlantic Monthly.

Education: After graduating from Phillips Exeter Academy, Mr. Hayes attended Harvard where he majored in English.

Personal: Mr. Hayes, his wife and their son live in Ulster County, New York, a far suburb of New York City.


Ms. Wenger, a Harkins Associates Alliance Partner, has a successful 25-year career in Consulting, Sales, Sales Management, and Marketing primarily in the healthcare services industry and high-tech industry with Fortune 500 companies such as Digital Equipment Corporation, Pioneer Standard Systems, and NCR Corporation. She has held positions such as Major Account Manager, Sales Manager, and Marketing Director for the Americas. For 12 years Ms. Wenger has focused on sales development, working with services solutions-oriented firms such as Hewlett Packard, Nokia Corporation, MVP Healthcare, Verizon Wireless, Pharmerica, Alliance Imaging, and CareFocus of Maxim Health. She is noted for efficiently diagnosing, appraising, and creating solutions to meet specific business outcomes. 

Ms Wenger has worked in a consulting capacity with corporations in the United States and Japan, and has conducted sales training programs in the United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Finland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, and Malaysia. She is a member of the International Society for Performance Improvement and is certified in several industry-leading sales strategy, skills, and management programs. 

For Harkins Associates, Ms. Wenger worked with Ms. Harkins on fine-tuning Healthcare Consultative Selling™, develops project plans, client business development strategies, conducts assessments, provides customization for client’s training programs, and conducts trainings for client ‘s advanced-level employees. 



 Ms. Anzalone, a Harkins Associates Alliance Partner has worked in marketing, advertising and training for over 25 years. Prior to becoming an independent consultant, she worked for the OMD division of OmniCom, the world's largest communications and advertising agency, headquartered in New York City.  At OMD, Ms. Anzalone, a Group Director, was involved in creative development, TV advertising placement, and training agency associates.  She was directly responsible for negotiating the purchase of all national television inventory on behalf of McDonald’s Corporation, one of the agency’s largest accounts worldwide.Prior to OMD, Ms. Anzalone was with Doyle Dane Bernbach and Needham, the original agency’s that formed Omnicom.  As a supervisor with DDBNeedham, Ms. Anzalone was responsible for print buying and training associates.    

Over the years, Ms. Anzalone has won several industry awards as part of the media/creative/ marketing team responsible for new product launch.  At Harkins Associates, Ms. Anzalone provides sales messages and selling tools for client’s customized sales training programs. In addition, she brings years of training experience to her role as sales trainer.    



Ms. Zatzman, a Harkins Associates Alliance Partner, has a 15-year background in corporate Human Resources.  Her experiences include training needs assessment, and design and administration of corporate training programs.  In her positions in Human Resources, she was also responsible for benefits administration, compensation analysis and administration, overseeing the operation of computerized personnel systems, development and implementation of job evaluation, performance appraisal/career development and compensation programs.       

For Harkins Associates, Ms. Zatzman customizes employer-direct sales trainings and conducts pre-training assessments.   

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