•  The number one reason for not getting past the gatekeeper; with ways to help.  

•   Key Questions to engage physicians and understand their referral motivations.

•   Steps to enhance your ability to Influence.  

•   The study of “human behavior” and key factors that help you “get in” and “stay in”. 

•   The one thing you must do at the end of every physician conversation.   

Wednesday, September, 12, 2018:

10:00 am PDT; 11:00 am MDT; 12:00 CDT; 1:00 pm EDT


Join us for this one-hour, free webinar and learn the consultative language, skills and research-based strategies to get beyond the front desk, capture the attention of the physician, engage in meaningful discussions, and attain goals for you and the physician!
 “Healthcare Consultative Selling™"

 Harkins Associates' trainers and consultants developed Healthcare Consultative Selling™  in 2010 after many years of  employed and consulting roles in business development and physician relations, receiving formal training instruction, and conducting in-depth research on physician relations. Harkins Associates is the exclusive provider of the Healthcare Consultative Selling methodology.


KATHLEEN HARKINS, Principal, Harkins Associates

Kathleen Harkins formed Harkins Associates in 2004 after career-long employment in healthcare business development, physician relations, performance improvement, strategic planning and executive management. With each employer transition from a healthcare consulting / hospital management company to operator of healthcare facilities, Ms. Harkins took on greater responsibility - setting strategic direction, heading new business initiatives, creating growth and eventually achieving the role of Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for a regional managed health system.

 Kathleen is a certified trainer in Consultative Selling and certified as a Train-the-Trainer facilitator. Over the last fourteen years she has been working with health systems, physician practices, and post-acute providers to improve physician relations, while authoring training manual, Healthcare Consultative Selling™.

Ms. Harkins publishes a quarterly newsletter and is a regular contributor to online and print publications, such as Becker’s Hospital Review. She is a member of the Society of Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, and the American College of Healthcare Executives. Ms. Harkins has a BA degree in health education from Rowan University; and has completed MBA course work at Temple University in Philadelphia.

RYAN SWAILES, Senior Liaison, Chesapeake Urology Associates

For nine years Ryan Swailes has been Senior Physician Liaison with Chesapeake Urology Associates, one of the premier private urology practices in the country, with 21 sites throughout Maryland, and planned growth and acquisitions within Maryland and other locations throughout the US.

As a senior member of the management team, Ryan has developed a liaison program that works closely with practice urologists engaging them with Primary Care physicians throughout Maryland. Ryan has developed collaborations with large primary care practices throughout the state to streamline urgent urology care for their facilities. Prior to joining CUA, he represented several healthcare organizations to physicians. Ryan has received extensive training in Harkins Associates Healthcare Consultative Selling™.


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